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Uranium. Uranium is a chemical element found in various deposits throughout the planet that provides the key for the next advancement in human civilization. Uranium is the key ingredient to nuclear weapons, plants, and technology. With the intricacy of our technology growing exponentially this radioactive element is the most desired object on our planet. A significant supply of Uranium can turn any country into a dangerous and powerful threat, especially if they know how to use it. Right now, in this very moment, uranium holds our future for space exploration, and whoever can control the heavens can control the Earth. We are looking at a new space race, a new cold war, and a new type of threat the world has never seen before, and who is nine steps ahead? China, under the Chinese Communist Party.  

Before going into the potency of China let us first look at their grip on uranium, because as we see whoever controls uranium, controls the future, and whoever controls the future, controls the world. The biggest Uranium producers and deposits in the world are found in Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, Namibia, Niger, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and South Africa in that respective order. In terms of production, Kazakhstan is the number one producer of the world’s usable uranium, and in terms of untapped raw ore, Australia contains one-third of the world's known uranium stores. 

Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan produced 43% of the world's uranium supply in 2019 and is the number one producer of uranium in the world. Kazakhstan’s proximity to China makes it an ideal ally given the fact that they can provide uranium at a rate faster than the rest of the world. As we know, China created the Belt and Road Initiative, which is a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013 to invest in nearly 70 countries and international organizations. The planned completion date of this project is 2049. Kazakhstan has been building facilities and maximizing its geographic location to benefit from China’s initiative. This would include the development of highways, tunnels, and other infrastructure to create an easier and faster method of transportation between the countries. Transportation of assets related to commerce, raw materials, and chemical elements that could be used to develop weapons of mass destruction. Hypothetically. There are many problems with the relations with the fact that China has been doing egregious things to their Muslim minority, and with Kazakhstan being a country that is 70% Muslim you should be able to see the issue that would arise. There are fears of an Uyghur separatist movement forming in Kazakhstan, and if an attack were to occur China would most likely intervene. It would also be easy for them because China has been preventing the US from constructing military airbases and has convinced Kazakhstan to cut down on its military presence. On top of this the two countries also recently announced the beginning of a “strategic” partnership in massive cooperation despite everything that has been going on. What is even more unusual is that on 9th July 2020, the Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan issued a warning of a deadly "unknown pneumonia" with a death rate much higher than the current Coronavirus. It said that the provinces of Atyrau and Aktobe and the city of Shymkent had been affected and nearly 500 cases been reported. However, the next day, the Kazakh Health Ministry denied the claim and said the reports were 'fake news’.

Canada. Canada has one of the world's largest deposits of high-grade uranium. It is the second-largest producer of Uranium in the world, producing 13% in 2019. In 2009 China’s President met with Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper in which they signed several economic agreements with the highlight being the Uranium Export Treaty. At the time critics highlighted the unusual expiration date of the treaty which happens to be 31 years. On top of this Chinese immigration to Canada has been occurring at such a massive rate that Chinese Canadians are one of Canada’s largest ethnic groups after Europeans and First Nation populations. Is this unusual? China has constantly been ridiculed for espionage in foreign governments and with a massive influx of immigrants, it is extremely easy to insert a handful of agents. 

Australia. Australia produced 12% and has the potential to be the largest provider of uranium because they sit on roughly one-third of the world’s known uranium stores. China has been purchasing natural resources, farmland, and property from Australia at such an alarming rate that a growing concern is alluding that Australia is essentially becoming a providence of China. On top of this China invested one billion dollars into Australia’s agriculture sector. If one were to speculate, they could say that accessing raw farmlands in a country sitting on top of one-third of the world’s uranium would in theory give them access to that uranium, especially if they now owned the land that sits on top of it. One may argue the government of Australia would never allow something like that to happen but if one were to look at the bird's eye view they would see that China is such a financial presence in Australia, if they were to leave the country’s economy would crash overnight. Looking at the country at the present moment, the real estate industry has taken such a hit from the pandemic that Australian economists have predicted that roughly one million homes and property will be bought by foreign investment. China is so influential in Australia and so much of the country’s land has been purchased that China is essentially on its way to owning Australia.

Namibia. Namibia has significant uranium mines capable of providing 10% of the world’s mining output. As you guessed, yes, China has established trade relations with them as well as invested one hundred million dollars’ worth of loans in approximately 64 Chinese official development finance projects identified in Namibia through various media reports. Oddly enough a large number of Chinese are estimated to have taken up residence in Namibia since independence. In 2006, their number was estimated at 40,000. CGNPC a Chinese corporation has invested two billion dollars in developing the Husab mine, the largest highest-grade uranium deposit in Namibia. Even odder is that 75% of the workforce in the mines, type of mine undisclosed, and construction in Namibia are Chinese.

Niger. Niger has two significant uranium mines providing about 5% of the world’s mining output from Africa's highest-grade uranium ores. China yet again is one step ahead having started 37 official development finance projects between 2000 and 2011 with one of them being a uranium mine complex. China in return provided 12 million dollars in debt relief and a second bridge across the Niger River.

Skipping Russia, Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has considerable mineral deposits, including uranium. It is the world's seventh-ranking uranium supplier and is expanding production. Chinese ventures are active in uranium development. Side note, Uzbekistan has cooperated with China in extraditing anti-China Uyghur activists from the country. China is currently Uzbekistan's leading trading partner as the largest source of exports and imports for the country. China is also increasing its development loans to Uzbekistan. China regards Uzbekistan as a critical part of the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Ukraine. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, China this year surpassed Ukrainian neighbors Russia and Poland to become the country’s single largest trading partner. China is currently planning to invest up to $7 billion in Ukrainian infrastructure, including ports like the struggling Sea of Azov outlet of Mariupol, roads, rapid trains, and the Kyiv metro. Also, China is ready to participate in the construction of facilities for nuclear fuel production in Ukraine, the press service of the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry of Ukraine reported following the talks within the framework of the One Belt, One Road forum in Beijing. I think you get why they are investing so much into Ukraine at this point. 

South Africa. South Africa has around 6% of the world's developable uranium reserves. Other sources peg its reserves at just lower Niger and Namibia but going by numbers in production it ranked number 8 in 2019. China is already South Africa’s largest trading partner and one of its most important sources of foreign investment. In July 2018 China announced to invest $15 billion in South Africa's economy which included loans for power utilities and infrastructure.

Iran. Although Iran’s production of uranium is not significant, which is why it was not brought up in the beginning, it is important to know that China again is actively building relations with them. Not only is China helping to develop the oil and gas sector, but China supports Iran's ambitions to bring Caspian Sea oil and gas to Southern Iranian ports through pipelines so the resources can be exported to Europe and Asia. Iran relies upon its oil sales to China to ensure its fiscal well-being. On top of this China is pledging to invest upwards of $400 billion in Iran's petrochemical and manufacturing sectors. Why not secure some oil as well?

Now back to Russia. Would Russia ever let China get the chance to siphon its Uranium, of course not? Or so we think. Russia and China have one major similarity, they both despise the United States. Russia established a historic bond with China in 2019 with the plan to mutually construct a 55-billion-dollar oil pipeline between the two countries. It is also speculated that Russia is opening up to allow China to purchase certain territories. On top of this, they both planned on a month-long military exercise in the Indian Ocean. Nuke testing? Side Note. Hillary Clinton signed off a deal granting a Russian uranium company called Uranium One access to one-fifth of all the Uranium produced in the United States. 

Pakistan. Pakistan falls right under Iran in uranium production. (Numbers are unusually stagnant, see graph) Pakistan is important for a much different reason. Nuclear intelligence. Pakistan was the first Muslim country in the world to construct and operate civil nuclear power plants and is planning on constructing 32 nuclear power plants by 2050. Pakistan has always been advanced with uranium application being the country of origin of one of the founding fathers of the Atom Bomb developed in the Manhattan Project. His name is Munir Ahmed Khan. Many attribute him as the reason why Pakistan quickly developed nuclear technology allowing it to further expand its knowledge while the rest of the world was catching up. Pakistan even managed to make their nuclear weapons capability advance independent of their nuclear fuel cycle using uranium indigenous to the country. Who immediately jumped in to help and almost double Pakistan’s operation capacity? You guessed it. China. China has also established its Belt and Road initiative, setting its sight on the fishing town of Gwadar with plans to turn it into a new Dubai ultimately housing 2 million people. Gwadar is experiencing a storm of construction with a new container port, new hotels, and 1,800 miles of the superhighway and high-speed railway to connect it to China’s landlocked western provinces. On top of this China has been taking advantage of Pakistan’s rigorous education system particularly in science providing all the young talent with rich engineering skills free education at Chinese universities. It looks like with China developing Pakistan’s infrastructure in return they are getting nuclear intelligence and well-educated personal that will assist them in developing god knows what with the uranium they are leaching. 

One thing you should have picked up is that China is not just dumping money into these foreign countries. They are giving LOANS. The principle of the loans means that if these countries fail to pay it back China will gain assets the country owns through repossession, assets such as uranium mines and power plants.

Speculation. China is spending so much money on foreign affairs that it would in theory be creating a hole in its domestic economy. What is filling the void? Domestic production on a large military scale. Specifically, the military-industrial complex. China is most certainly producing military assets, technology, and weapons as well as utilizing uranium from its foreign endeavors at such a massive scale that it is holding its economy and keeping it so powerful and strong. China’s economy is focused on developing technology, thus bringing it to such quick advancements of technology. We can see this with all their architectural endeavors within the country with the eco-cities being developed and the bullet trains. On top of this, the hidden main flow of money is most likely going to the development of weapons on not just a mass-destruction scale, but global-destruction.

Are we at war with China? If the idea I am alluding to is reality, then yes. We are in a Cold War over next-level technology and a race over the dominance of space. Unfortunately, China is light years ahead of us due to the Obama administration. President Trump has been successful in making us independent from China, hitting their economy fairly hard. If we were in a Cold War with China, they would implement technology and tactics the world has not seen before, such as bioweapons. Bioweapons like the flu-like disease coming from a certain mutation in a flying marsupial that is not native to the area where a prominent biomedical research lab is located in. A disease that would knowingly cause political unrest in an election year with the known selfish vendettas of American politicians, and a disease that would cripple economies all over the world due to mandated quarantines allowing a country obsessed with foreign investment to purchase all the remnants of what used to be vibrant businesses. Such as one million homes in Australia.

What is crazier to believe, that China loves investing and promoting the development of countries and it just so happens that the hidden primary focus of all their ventures involves uranium and that the majority of the countries that they are aggressively investing in just so happen to be the top producers of Uranium in the world, or that China is trying to suck up all the worlds Uranium so it can be the most dangerous empire ever with the development of technology capable of destroying a nuke from space before it is even launched.

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